Space is not “out there somewhere."   We are in the midst of it.   We are a part of it - from the physical world around us to the smallest cells within...we are interwoven into one vast, living ocean of consciousness.

Amazing Space is an audio-visual journey through the cosmos in which the viewer can peacefully enjoy the immense awesomeness of space while meditating on the enormity, significance and mysteries of the universe.   By zooming out and feeling the unfathomable vastness and complex perfection of space, that literally surrounds us in every moment,  we are able to put our daily lives and personal struggles into greater perspective.

The powerful and ethereal music of Kristin Hoffmann will both calm and elevate you.   Your spirit will soar on sonic waves directly into star clusters, nebulas and galaxies...feeling a deep re-connection to existence on personal and collective levels.  

Amazing Space can be used as an incredible companion and guide to meditation, yoga, dance, dreaming or just chilling out!